founded as COCKTAIL LYTIQUE spontaneous in summer 2000. after a lot of experiments, mistakes and expierences, sometimes lost between different hunting destinations, there came the decision to change the name. since summer 2008 active as LE ROUAGE LYTIQUE, lookin forward for more excursions.

the founder and only constantly member is sahid rouage. the early ninetees gave a lot of inspiration through electronique musique like SOME MORE CRIME and the early SWAMP TERRORISTS. between middle and end of the ninetees are the massive influences from industrial like PINEAL GLAND ZIRBELDRUESE and the atmosphere on bigger festivals like the early maschinenfests (in aachen) are important, but also each kind of experimental electronic musique, inclusive the apocalyptic soundscapes around the COLD MEAT INDUSTRY clan and cheesy clicks'n'cuts. the next step started around 2000 with noisy breakcore and some rough and fast 4/4 stuff. more influences arrived from the punk- and hardcore-scene and from postrock-bands like GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR and LVMEN. a other part of my puzzle of inspiration is political and/or experimental hiphop, especially from the states and france. and sometimes i need the worst trash and rock'n'roll to have just fun. this as much as possible wide spreaded mixture of sounds are important for LE ROUAGE LYTIQUE. each element is useful, every experiment keep the motivation.

politics are still very important for the project. LE ROUAGE LYTIQUE play alwayz in squats, leftwing locations or other kind of diy-events. i dont use myspace, because the owner is a fukkin conservative wanker arsehole and some of the advertisments are sexist crap. diy means also to use the own possibilities of media publishing. be radical in daily life.
there are so many people in the leftwing scene who are able to speak with a radical content. but on the end, most of them are finally integrated in the middle of the lovely society as social worker, teacher, waitress or doctor for politics. a lot of people dont try the emancipation from the society rules or even the experiment of working in a collective. the whole scene looks defensive and just few times dynamical.
the so called leftwing subculture scene is more and more a 2nd class consumer level, every 3rd event is a fukkin boring unpolitical 80s party. the rich kidz alwayz have enough money for entrance, alcohol and drugz. consume and be consumed. after 150 punk-parties the people lookin like h-addicts after 10 years using, as heavy alcoholics who need the happy pills against depression.
if you compare the leftwing infrastructure of berlin with towns like nyc, london, paris, amsterdam and even barcelona, you will recognize how important it is to defend our free spaces. i'm pretty sure you dont defend this spaces with myspace and 80s parties. be creative and active, every day. the mixture is important, between theory and practice. if you dont have your own inspiration from experience and friends, you can find stuff and links on FREAK ANIMALS.
nihilism doesnt mean doing nothing. you still can say at least no to the social conformity. as street artist, political activist or musician. you can give inspiration for thinking. no failing, just saying.
so, FUCK ON. if you're not angry, you're not paying attention! there is no back - just forward.

well, you need a description for the musique? its a weird mixture of apocalytique sounds, heavy cuts and breaks, conceptional disorder, punk influences, some emotional noise, distorted hiphop-beats and sentimental moments. and please, dear dudes and oldskool divas: this musique still does'nt sound masculine, because i dont like gendered thinking at all. to be queer does'nt mean to hear anytime cheesy romantic crap with a voice like curtis mayfield. fuck the standards!

LE ROUAGE LYTIQUE collaborate with people around the world. brutal big thanx flying to:
annique, asamblea internacional del fuego, baptiste, blandine, bodge, christian, carlitos jesus, coyote sanchez mc kane, ditriih, ebo, fake mistress, ghizmo, james, karla, karo, katash, maria, mk40, meta, nnimrodd, shane & yamina.